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Dr. Meghan Moody, Psy.D. Los Angeles Psychotherapist

Meghan Moody, Psy.D.


I'm a proactive therapist who tailors the treatment to your specific needs. A collaborative approach and good match between you and your therapist are the essential components of healing and change. My commitment is to be sensitive to your unique situation and to provide an open-minded perspective to help you learn to think, feel, and grow in new ways.

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Areas of specialization: ADD/ADHD, trauma, grief

Offering therapy to: children, parents, adolescents, adults, couples, & families

Brandon Parham, M.A. Los Angeles Psychotherapist

Brandon Parham, Psy.D.


By making the decision to find a therapist, you’ve taken an important step toward helping yourself with what’s troubling you in your life. I’m here to help make your process of choosing a therapist as uncomplicated as possible. I’m an approachable therapist, and I aim to help you feel at ease opening up about yourself. I’m interested in hearing your story and look forward to getting to know you! Feel free to read on for more about me and the types of clients I work with.

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Areas of specialization: mindfulness, athletes, anxiety, depression

Offering therapy to: adults, couples, & adolescents

Jen Robertson APCC Therapist.JPG

Jennifer Robertson, NCC®, APCC


I’m an inclusive, trauma-informed, and LGBTQIA+ allied psychotherapist committed to helping teens, adults, families and partners learn how to feel more emotionally connected and fulfilled. My work focuses on embracing emotions, identifying unconscious dynamics, understanding survival strategies and developing healthy coping skills. I believe in collaborating on your journey so my communication style is empathic, direct and transparent. 

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Areas of specialization: LGBTQIA+, gender identity, trauma, sexual abuse

Offering therapy to: adults, families, partners, & teens

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